Bouncing Land – Project demo

Here’s a little project I whipped up in my spare time.
It’s an animatable environment designed for bouncing balls and their friends.
The set is designed to be modular, meaning that animators can assemble their own variation of it for their animated bouncing character,  in a matter of minutes. The set consists of gadgets that can be snapped (by default) to a walls and oriented as required. Afterwards a gadget can be animated upon.


Class 01 Progress Reel – Animation Mentor

My class 01 progress reel from my studies at Animation Mentor.
Class: Animation Basics
Mentor: Aaron Hartline


Date Story – Character Rigs

When developing character rigs, my second important issue was to save time, that’s why I decided to use an auto-rig for the characters’ body.
The face though, was a bit more tricky and an auto-rig didn’t help here.
So, I developed my own custom facial rigs.

Body Rigs

Facial Rigs


Date Story – Cafe Set

Here’s a couple of snapshots of the film’s coffee shop.
It’s a very nice and quiet place, a specially if you come there during the late hours, which is when it all happened.

Cafe Set

Cafe Set 02

Cafe 03