Jenny – Facial Rig Test

Here’s a facial rig test for Jenny, one of the characters form my short film.


Liquid Animatable Clock

A little something fun I thought I’d try in my spare time…
The rig is fully animatable including features of setting the time and how much it flows down.
Design credit goes to Senior Dali 😉


Nick – Facial Rig Test

Here’s a facial rig test for Nick, one of the characters form my short film.


Desk Lamp – Rig demo

Here’s another small rig of a desk lamp.
This is the exact same lamp I have on my drawing desk and this asset was used in one of my animations coming up in my 2nd progress reel at Animation Mentor.


Guitar Rig demo

Another rig I whipped out some time ago for a guitar.
Might be an awesome idea to animate animate a concert with this guy and a favorite character 🙂
3D Model by


Bouncing Land – Project demo

Here’s a little project I whipped up in my spare time.
It’s an animatable environment designed for bouncing balls and their friends.
The set is designed to be modular, meaning that animators can assemble their own variation of it for their animated bouncing character,  in a matter of minutes. The set consists of gadgets that can be snapped (by default) to a walls and oriented as required. Afterwards a gadget can be animated upon.


Date Story – Character Rigs

When developing character rigs, my second important issue was to save time, that’s why I decided to use an auto-rig for the characters’ body.
The face though, was a bit more tricky and an auto-rig didn’t help here.
So, I developed my own custom facial rigs.

Body Rigs

Facial Rigs