Animation Reel 2014

Final character animation reel that finishes my studies at Animation Mentor.

Awesome thanks to all my mentors!
Aaron Hartline – Pixar
Jon Collins – Pixar
John Vassallo – Disney
Mike Gasaway – Disney
Dave Burgess – DreamWorks
Sean Sexton – DreamWorks

Character rigs for shots “Meet Again” (1), “Big Picture” (3), “No Respect” (4), “A Fine Romance” (5) provided by Animation Mentor.
Character Rig for shot “Skate” (2) provided by AnimSchool.

“Meet Again” (1) / “Skate” (2) – “The Meltzer Brothers” by Thomas Regin
“Big Picture” (3) – “Red Edison” out of Day of The Tentacle Soundtrack
“A Fine Romance” (5) – “A Fine Romance” by Merilyn Monroe