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Motorcycle Rig Demo

Another rig that I made as a prop for one of my animation shots. New animation coming soon… :)
Music: Celldweller – Lost in Time
Model from Evermotion.

Animation Reel 2014

Final character animation reel that finishes my studies at Animation Mentor.

Awesome thanks to all my mentors!
Aaron Hartline – Pixar
Jon Collins – Pixar
John Vassallo – Disney
Mike Gasaway – Disney
Dave Burgess – DreamWorks
Sean Sexton – DreamWorks

Character rigs for shots “Meet Again” (1), “Big Picture” (3), “No Respect” (4), “A Fine Romance” (5) provided by Animation Mentor.
Character Rig for shot “Skate” (2) provided by AnimSchool.

“Meet Again” (1) / “Skate” (2) – “The Meltzer Brothers” by Thomas Regin
“Big Picture” (3) – “Red Edison” out of Day of The Tentacle Soundtrack
“A Fine Romance” (5) – “A Fine Romance” by Merilyn Monroe

A Fine Romance

My animation shot for class 06 as part of my studies at Animation Mentor.
Class: Polish and Portfolio
Mentor: Sean Sexton

Anim2Shelf Update

Recently made some updates to my Anim2Shelf tool.
The tool allows copying existing animation from selected objects into a shelf button in Maya.
Now it also allows copying the animation to another instance of the rig or a different rig assuming it has similar controller names. You are welcome to download it from CreativeCrash
Enjoy! :)

Chevy Rig Demo

A car rig that I made for a classmate of mine Blair McNaughton.
He is an extremely talented animator – check out his work! :)

Meet Again – Animation Mentor Class 05

My animation sequence for class 05 as part of my studies at Animation Mentor.
Class: Advanced Acting
Mentor: Dave Burgess

Legofy Tool Demo

Lego Bishop

Here is a tool I made that can take a given 3D geometry and legofy it. :)
This idea was inspired by the Lego Movie.