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Anim2Shelf Update

Recently made some updates to my Anim2Shelf tool.
The tool allows copying existing animation from selected objects into a shelf button in Maya.
Now it also allows copying the animation to another instance of the rig or a different rig assuming it has similar controller names. You are welcome to download it from CreativeCrash
Enjoy! :)

Chevy Rig Demo

A car rig that I made for a classmate of mine Blair McNaughton.
He is an extremely talented animator – check out his work! :)

Meet Again – Animation Mentor Class 05

My animation sequence for class 05 as part of my studies at Animation Mentor.
Class: Advanced Acting
Mentor: Dave Burgess

Legofy Tool Demo

Lego Bishop

Here is a tool I made that can take a given 3D geometry and legofy it. :)
This idea was inspired by the Lego Movie.

Class 04 Progress Reel – Animation Mentor

My class 04 progress reel from my studies at Animation Mentor.
Class: Introduction to Acting
Mentor: Mike Gasaway

Pizza Rig Demo

Here’s a pizza rig I made in collaboration with a most awesome animator Sérgio Dias.